Traditional food in the heart of Kvadrat.

A little more everyday joy.

MatVærket aims to serve food that brings a little extra joy to everyday life. Located in the heart of Kvadrat shopping center, it’s the perfect place for a break to enjoy delicious, traditional food and drinks with friends and family.

A little short on time? MatVærket also offers freshly prepared grab-and-go meals and takeaway.

Our Menu


Traditional food made with good, local ingredients

On our menu you will find traditional food that is easy, yet thoughtfully prepared. We are passionate about preparing declicious, traditional food using ingredients sourced from
local suppliers.

Matværket’s Classics

Blue Cheese Burger

MatVærket’s house burger with blue cheese, bacon from Idsøe, lettuce, Norwegian tomatoes, and dressing, served with a side of french fries


Bacon and Cheeseburger

MatVærket’s house burger with cheddar cheese, aioli, bacon from Idsøe, lettuce, and Norwegian tomatoes. Served with french fries. 


Værket’s Burger

Our juicy house burger with aioli, lettuce, red onion, and Norwegian tomatoes. Served with french fries. 

Extra  bacon 30,-

Club Sandwich

A big hit! Juicy, marinated chicken breast from Jæren, crispy bacon from Idsøe, tomatoes, lettuce, aioli, and french fries

Extra bacon  30,-

Patent Sandwich

An old Norwegian classic – open sandwich with beef, crispy lettuce, caramelized onions, remoulade, and a fried egg on top. Served with french fries.


Shrimp Sandwich

Served with crispy lettuce, hard boiled egg, cucumber, mayonnaise, and
a squeeze of lemon.


Beef Steak

Beef bits with champignon mushrooms, red bell pepper, onion, lettuce, and french fries. Served with bearnaise sauce on the side.


Fish Soup

Our popular fish soup with shrimps, today’s fish, and vegetables, served with fresh bread and butter on the side.


Fish and Chips

Breaded cod fillet with lettuce, Jæren tomatoes, corn, red bell pepper, and red onion. Served with remoulade, our homemade dressing, and french fries on the side.


Caesar Salad

Marinated chicken breast from Jæren, lettuce, Norwegian tomatoes, Gilde bacon, parmesan cheese, homemade crutons and dressing.


Baked Potato with Bacon

A classic! Baked potato from Jæren served with bacon bits, corn, leeks,
sour cream, and butter.


Traditional Home Cooking

Norwegian Meatballs

“Kjøttkaker” are delicious meatballs from Idsøe served with potatoes, pea stew, brown sauce, and lingonberries.

189,- / 159,-

Lamb Stew

“Lapskaus” in Norwegian is a traditional lamb stew wiith potatoes and vegetables. 
Served with flat bread.

149,- / 119,-

Vegetarian Menu

Veggie Balls

Homemade falafel balls served with lettuce, Jæren tomatoes, red onion, red bell pepper, corn, and french fries.


Baked Potato

Our vegetarian baked potato option, served with sour cream, leeks, corn, red bell pepper, and butter.


Kids’ Menu

Kid’ Burger & Friench Fries


Hot Dog & French Fries


Chicken Nuggets & French Fries


Included in every kids’ menu item:
Choose between Kuli juice or chocolate milk.

We also serve a variety of fresh baguettes, pasta salads, pancakes, smoothies, fresh bread, cakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, hot coffee, and ice cream.


What our guests are saying

“Perfectly lovely”

A nice cafe in Kvadrat. Good choices of freshly prepared food. Burger and fish and chips were great.

“A nice place to eat and relax”

We arrived here at 18:00 and the food was served quickly! Nice establishment and atmosphere! Good food and friendly staff.

“My go-to lunch spot”

MatVærket is my go-to spot for taking a breather from a day of shopping. I love that there are so many choices. They always have whatever it is that I am craving for!

“Great menu”

MatVærket’s menu consists of food I could (and would!) eat every day.