Bakernes Paradis is only open during the summer season. 
We look forward to welcoming you then! 

A Café with a View

Our Opening Hours

Bakernes Paradis is closed for the season. We will re-open next summer.


Our Menu at the Café in Heimahuset

Fish soup with fresh vegetables
A bucket of freshly cooked shrimps
Spekeskinke (ham) from Hommersåk
Sausages in bread / lompe

Thoughtful Food

Food from the Chef’s Heart

We place great emphasis on the use of locally-sourced ingredients in our menus. We are inspired by the sea and the land around us. Served at the café in Heimahuset, our fish soup with fresh vegetables has become our specialty. We also serve delicious baked goods and have our own freshly baked bread.

Fish soup

Traditional, creamy, fish soup with fresh seafood and vegetables – our specialty.

Contact Information

Bakernes Paradis

4308 Sandnes

Phone: +47 51 60 83 00

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Bakernes Paradis

Bakernes Paradis 259,261,263 or 265
4309 Sandnes