Merry and bright

The Holidays at GamlaVærket

Welcome to GamlaVærket’s renowned holiday buffet of traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes
and a delicious dessert buffet. 

Experience the magical Christmas atmosphere at GamlaVærket

Every holiday season, our brick walls are surrounded by beautiful Christmas ornaments and lit up by tall, white candles. We deck our tables with crisp, white tablecloths and elaborately folded white cloth napkins, setting the scene for a magical evening with colleagues, friends, and family.

Traditional Norwegian Christmas food that is thoughtfully prepated by our chefs using local ingredients is served from a buffet. We also offer a beer, wine, or aquavit pairing, and are proud to be the only establishment in Sandnes that is authorized by Norske Akevitters Venner. 

We cap off the meal with a generous dessert buffet, offering holiday favorites such as cloudberry cream, caramel pudding, and, creamy rice pudding.


On the day of your event, check in well before dinner and have a relaxing start while you get ready for the evening. Enjoy good food in great company and don’t think about ordering a taxi…

When the evening is over, nothing is better than crawling into a warm bed and starting the next day with a delicious Christmas breakfast in our historical surroundings.

Rates for accommodation:
Double room from 1 495,- kr for two people including Christmas breakfast

Single room from 1 095, kr including Christmas breakfast
*available on Fridays and Saturdays during the holiday season

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For inquiries, please contact us.

Tlf: +47 51 68 51 70