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Established in 2022, Kronen Facility Management is a supplier of facility management services such as hotel cleaning, gardening, and janitorial services.

As part of Kronengruppen AS, we have the overall responsibility of cleaning and maintaning the group’s five hotels in Stavanger and Sandnes. Although we are a young organisation, our team members have extensive experience in both hotel cleaning services as well as hotel management. With direct access to the hotels’ property management system, we can follow the booking pattern daily and thus adapt our staffing in the most efficient way possible.


Quality to be proud of – Employees who thrive

– Services at competitive prices


We are an enthusiastic and international team, with team members coming from 11 different nations. Some of our team members have been in the Kronengruppen family for over 12 years, while others have just arrived in Norway and found some good colleagues within our ranks. We work closely with NAV for the recruitment of qualified employees, but also to give some a little help whilst they start their new lives in Norway.

Our team members have Norwegian and/or English as their working language. This is essential in ensuring good communication with the hotel reception throughout busy and fast-paced days in the hospitality industry.

Our housekeeping assistant ensures that all employees receive adequate onboarding and training, so that we can provide quality service, improve efficiency, and ensure a good and ergonomic workflow.

Quality to be proud of

Our team members put their hearts and souls into achieving top-quality results and have a great eye for detail!

We have prepared method cards that are used in connection with weekly inspections in the hotel rooms. This way, we can ensure that no nook and cranny is forgotten.

As an environmentally-conscious company, we only use cleaning agents that have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We also strive to limit the use of soaps in general.

We offer:

Hotel Cleaning Services for hotel rooms and common areas


Periodic Cleaning

  • Interior window washing
  • Cleaning drains and valves
  • Cleaning ceilings, walls, moldings, and surfaces
  • Degreasing and descaling of showers and other sanitary areas
  • Washing and cleaning of hotel textiles

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection


Reporting of defects and irregularities found in hotel rooms and eventual repair and maintenance


Gardening Services


Janitorial Services

Would you like to hire our services?

As our new customer, your hotel will be serviced by a permanent crew that is trained specifically for your hotel and your established operational routines.
Your hotel will also be assigned a team leader who will tbe responsible for scheduling and day-to-day operations. Our housekeeping assistant will take care of quality checks and training, to guarantee consistency and excellent quality.

We know that hotel occupancy can change quickly – so flexibility is key! Our team leaders maintain a close dialogue with your hotel to ensure adequate staffing, so your hotel has clean rooms available for booking at all times.

We understand that each hotel is different, which is why we adapt to your hotel’s specific needs by:

  • Creating a method card for optimal quality control
  • Following up daily staffing in fast-changing hotel operations
  • Arranging for weekly inspection rounds

All this to ensure the best quality for YOUR guests.

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