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Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8
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St. Svithun Hotell is located in Våland, right next to Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).

Practical Information

From Stavanger Airport, Sola – 12,8 km

From Stavanger City Center – 3,5 km

Just outside the hotel there is a bus stop that is well-connected to the entire region. Routes and information are readily available on

There are plenty of paid parking spaces available.

Taxis and buses are available to take you from the hotel to the airport. The airport shuttle goes past St. Svithun Hotell. Routes and information are available at


St. Svithun Hotell is Miljøfyrtårn-certified. We care about the environment, and we do our small part by properly sorting all of our waste, using environmentally-friendly products when and where we can, and limiting our energy consumption.

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Morten Vestvik

General Manager

Sissel Thomsen

Hotel Operations Manager

Maren Bru

Conference and Restaurant Manager

Marit Jelsa

Shop Manager at LYST

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