Christmas Parties

Welcome to our delicious Christmas buffet,
with a selection of traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes.



Assorted Christmas spreads, “Fenalår”, and traditional Christmas herring with sides

Crispy Pork Ribs (“Ribbe”)
served with spiced sausages, meatballs, prunes, apples, and our homemade red cabbage salad.  Hot baked potatoe and a delicious sauce that goes perfectly with the crispy pork ribs.

Smoked Lamb Ribs (“Pinnekjøtt”) and Salted Lamb Shoulder  (“Fenabog”)
served with GamlaVærket’s special mashed rutabaga, bacon bits, and boiled potatoes.
We can recommend beer, aquavit, or a fantastic red wine to accompany your meal.


Homemade caramel pudding with cognac cream

Rice pudding with vanilla and cherry sauce

Cloudberry cream with cloudberry liquor and homemade cookie crumbs

Assorted fruits, Christmas cookies, figs, dates, and nuts

Christmas buffet with coffee included
750,- NOK per person

Venue rental, Christmas decorations on the tables, candles, and white tablecloths and napkins are included in the price.

Call us at +47 51 68 51 70 for more information.

Christmas Parties

Welcome to a Christmas party in historic surroundings. We arrange Christmas parties in Ringovnen, Oppredningen, Kaffebrenneriet, Gjestestuen, Gildesalen, Styrerom 1 & 2, depending on the size of your party.


To ensure the safety of our guests and employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we follow the health authorities’ infection control measures.

Continue the festivities to breakfast – spend the night in one of our rooms!

GamlaVærket has a total of 39 charming  rooms. Check in well before dinner and relax, while you dress up for the evening.
Enjoy a delicious Christmas meal in good company without thinking of ordering a taxi. When the evening is over,
a comfortable bed will be waiting for you.
Enjoy the next morning with a delicious Christmas breakfast in a relaxed, historical setting.

Rates for accommodation (Friday and Saturday):
Double room 795,- NOK per room per night, including Christmas breakfast
Single room 695,- NOK per room per night, including Christmas breakfast

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