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Whether you’re planning a summer party, Christmas party, company gathering, birthday, or wedding, Jæren Hotell is the perfect setting.

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Our restaurant, Det Jærske Kjøkken, has a capacity of 150 guests and is ideal for anniversaries, weddings, confirmations, and other celebrations of life. Det Jærske Kjøkken is a food concept based on Jæren culinary traditions, local ingredients, and a creative chef environment.

In our immediate surroundings we find many of the country’s best ingredients. From Jæren’s larder we select most of the vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, and fish that we enthusiastically serve to our guests. Our chefs ensure that even those with the most discerning of palates from home and abroad have a Jæren dining experience that makes them want to return.

Life’s Festive Days

At Jæren Hotell, we love celebrations. Sit back, relax, we have everything covered.

We value creating unforgettable memories for our guests, with an amazing atmosphere, and even better food. We can help you select everything from table settings, musicians, menus – you name it. For a more personal touch, you are welcome to bring your own flower arrangements and cakes.




steamed cod, glazed carrots, vegetable
béarnaise, bacon, and roe

grilled monkfish on a bed of
vegetables and red beet sauce

Norway Haddock
Norway haddock with carrot puree
and creamy butter sauce

roast halibut with cauliflower puree, glazed
carrots, and parsley butter sauce


Roast Beef
local roast beef with Waldorf salad, cranberries,
Jæren potatoes, and brown sauce

Sirloin Steak
oven-baked sirloin drizzled with shallot sauce
and with a side of asparagus

roasted venison with Jerusalem artichoke puree, root vegetables, juniper berries and brown cheese sauce with Jæren potatoes

Lamb Leg
local lamb with baked root vegetables, rosemary,
gravy, and Jæren potatoes


Cauliflower Soup
with fried scallops, crispy bacon bits, and herb oil

Fish Soup
creamy soup with shrimp, crayfish, the fish of the day, and julienned vegetables

Orange Salad
fresh salad with avocado, honey, and walnuts

Shrimp Salad
hand-peeled shrimps with mango and ginger

Oxtail Soup
traditional oxtail soup – a Jæren specialty


Caramel Pudding
traditional caramel pudding with whipped cream and fresh berries

Chocolate Fondant
chocolate fondant with old-fashioned vanilla ice cream and berry compote

Cream Parfait
delicious crème fraiche parfait with berries

Fruit Compote
compote with berries from Sandnes, orange zest, and vanilla ice cream 

Chocolate Mousse
creamy chocolate mousse with hints of cognac topped with grated chocolate and berries

The menu is based on the availability of ingredients from local vendors such as Anda Gård, Selepotet, Wiig Gartneri, Garman Vervik, Pals, Voll Ysteri, Malmin and Orre, and Idsøe.

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Jæren Hotell

Solhøgda 3
4340 Bryne

+47 51 77 11 00

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Jæren Hotell

Solhøgda 3,
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