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Kronen Gaard’s package offers

There’s something for everyone.

You’ll be sure to enjoy one of our packages – may it be a romantic evening for you and your loved one, an exciting hike to Preikestolen, or a beautiful summer boat trip to Bakernes Paradis on the historic MS Riskafjord.

Romantic Evening

Let the romance flow in the calm, relaxing countryside, right outside Sandnes.

At Kronen Gaard Hotell, you are certainly in for a good night’s sleep and a pleasant awakening. Here in the countryside, mornings mean fresh air wafting through your window and the sound of birds chirping in the distance.

We offer a romantic evening with a stay in the Junior Suite, starting off with some sparkling wine, a tray of delicious fruit, chocolates, and soft bathrobes in the room. You’ll only pay for the average room, and we will upgrade your room for free.

For dinner, you’ll have a beautifully set-up table, where the chefs will serve you a 3-course dinner, with a focus on local products. The next morning, your breakfast will be happily brought to your room – enjoy it and have a late check-out, on us.

The Romantic Evening includes:
· Accommodation in a Junior Suite
· Sparkling wine, fruits, and chocolate
· A 3-course dinner for two
· Late check-out

A Historical Cruise along Lysefjorden

We welcome you to a historical journey – a stay at the historical Kronen Gaard Hotell and a cruise along Lysefjorden with MS Riskafjord ll.

On the Saturday of your arrival at Kronen Gaard Hotell, you will be served a 3-course dinner from our celebrated kitchen where our chefs are passionate for food and local producers.

Following a good night’s sleep and breakfast, you will have a short 20-minute journey to Bakernes Paradis, located in Lauvvik.

At Bakernes Paradis, you will enjoy the historic surroundings, panoramic views of the fjord, a nice lunch at our cafe called Heimahuset, as well as a visit to our giftshop. 

The departure with MS Riskafjord ll is at 13:30 and the return trip at 15:30. While onboard, there is an offering of baked goods from Bakernes Paradis as well as both hot and cold refreshments, all of which you can enjoy during the trip along Lysefjorden.

The trip starts and ends at Bakernes Paradis in Lauvvik and will take approximately 2 hours in total. This package is available from the 24th of May to the 20th of September. The price for the package (including accomodation with breakfast and a 3-course dinner at Kronen Gaard, and the Lysefjord cruise with MS Riskafjord II) is 2 895,- NOK for a double room and 2 045,- NOK for a single room.

Preikestolen Bilferie

Experience Preikestolen.

This is a trip that will take your breath away! Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) is one of Rogaland’s most visited attractions and one of Norway’s most picturesque destinations. I 2011 Preikestolen was hailed as one of the world’s most spectacular viewpoints by CNN Go and Lonely Planet.

The hike up to Preikestolen can be completed in under two hours for those who are experienced hikers. For children and less-experienced hikers, it can take approximately 2 to 3 hours. The hike is 330 meters up with a distance of 3.8 km.

This all-inclusive package includes accommodations, meals, a packed lunch and a map. You will need to drive between Kronen Gaard Hotell, Preikestolen, and Sola Strand Hotell. This package does not include a tour guide.

Your adventure awaits

Go out there. Get inspired.

Situated in the beautiful and idyllic surroundings of the Sandnes countryside, there are plenty of options for activities, both indoor and outdoor, all year round at Kronen Gaard.

We offer lunch hikes, picnics, and bicycle and canoe rentals, which are perfect during the summer, as well as kitchen theater, tastings, and teambuilding activities which are fantastic all year round.

Please contact us for more information.

Teambuilding at Skogsprett Klatrepark

Located only a 10-minute drive from Kronen Gaard Hotell, Skogsprett offers 5 unique courses in varying levels of difficulty. It’s the perfect setting for fast-paced and fun teambuilding!

The teambuilding activity starts by dividing the group into teams and doing some easy warm-up activities. For those afraid of heights, there are also activities possible at ground level. For those who want the extra challenge, safety training is of course given prior to climbing. 

When all the tasks are completed, the winning team is awarded!

The teambuilding activities are tailored to the needs of the company. The activity lasts from 1.5 – 2 hours.


Bicycle is the best way to see the countryside in all of it´s glory! Sandnes even used to be the bike capital of the country, with it´s own biking festival. Nowadays the city is host to, or at least part of, several biking tournaments – i.e. Tour de Fjords and Nordsjørittet.

Guests at Kronen Gaard Hotell are welcome to borrow a bicycle and helmet at no cost. Feel free to take a bike ride to Sandnes city center and explore the many shops, or take a nice trip along the many trails in the areas surrounding the hotel.

Canoe rental

Kronen Gaard has 11 canoes available for all guests to rent. The canoes are located in Alsvik, and are ideal to be paddled through the Ims-Lutsi waterway.

Need snacks for your trip? Order a tasty packed lunch package when booking your canoe, and we’ll have everything ready for you when you arrive. After a long day of paddling, you can also head back to De Gamle Stuene restaurant for a scrumptious and elaborate dinner.

Canoes can be rented from April to October.

Kitchen Theater

Want to try your hand at being the host for an evening? Or maybe you’d prefer to be a bartender, florist, chef, or hotel manager? At Kronen Gaard’s kitchen theater event, groups of 15 – 50 people can try to run a hotel!

The event lasts for about 4 hours, and we have expert chefs and waiters as guides, ready to lend a helping hand along the way. Kitchen Theater is a great way to bring people together. It is both fascinating and exciting to see how participants are able to channel their individual roles.

And who knows… at the end of the day, maybe there are opportunities for extra shifts at Kronen Gaard?

Lunch Hike

Need some fresh air and easy exercise?

May we suggest a little trip in the area? Jack Rostøl, a writer from Sandnes, who is also an avid hiker, has created his own trip for Kronen Gaard Hotell, which we call the “Lunch Trip”.

The trip only takes 45 minutes, hence the name. Though the trip is short, the experiences in nature are plentiful.

Pro Tip: Good hiking shoes are always an advantage. Should you need some boots, we have some available at the hotel, just ask at reception.

Bakernes paradis

A great summertime activity for all our guests at Kronen Gaard is a trip to Bakernes Paradis, which directly translates to Bakers Paradise.

Located in Lauvik and only 22.7 kilometers away from Kronen Gaard Hotell, Bakernes Paradis is a group of old wooden houses with sprawling, beautiful scenery right by Høgsfjord.

Bakernes Paradis has a café and shop called Heimahuset and is open from May through September. During this season, there are also 3 banquet rooms available to rent for your wedding, birthday, and other days in life worth celebrating.


Roger, our resident beer enthusiast, takes you on a journey through the world of beer. After this evening, you will develop a better bond with beer, as you and your taste buds are trained to recognize the various, unique nuances found in each beer.

More than that, the kitchen at Kronen Gaard will prepare a plate for each participant, on it are different flavors like herring, marinated shrimp, various cheeses, bacon, and dark chocolate, intended to be paired and tasted with the different beers.

This event takes approximately 90 minutes and is best for groups of 10 – 30 people.

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