Bakernes Paradis

Located in Lauvvik by Høgsfjorden

Welcome to
Bakernes Paradis

Bakernes Paradis is a fantastic place to visit for a day trip with the whole family. There is an activity for everyone at any age, whether it’s fishing from the pier, swimming in the fjord, or having a picnic while enjoying the views.

Our café in Heimahuset offers our famous fish soup served with homemade bread, fresh sandwiches, and other baked goods and pastries.

The shop in Heimahuset has a variety of unique, locally handcrafted goods available to purchase as little souvenirs from an idyllic day by the fjord.

Bakernes Paradis has not yet opened for the summer season 2024. Stay tuned for updates.

More about our history

The Café at Heimahuset

Our menu is based on fresh, local ingredients available in the region.

We draw inspiration from the land and sea, and are very proud of our specialty, our homemade fish soup served with fresh bread.

We also offer toasted sandwiches with ham and cheese, a variety of baked goods, sausages, waffles, ice cream, and homemade brownies and carrot cake from Kronen Gaard Hotell.