The best gifts are experiences

A Gift Card from Kronen Hotels

If you want to surprise someone you love with something special, a gift card from Kronen Hotels is the perfect gift for those who have everything.
We offer everything from a romantic weekend, a three-course menu inspired by the week’s selected local ingredients, or, during the summers, an adventure on the Lysefjord.
Our gift cards can be used across all Kronen Hotels – Kronen Gaard Hotell, Gamlaværket, Hotel Sverre, St. Svithun Hotell, MatVærket, and Bakernes Paradis.

The Gift of an Experience

A completely unique gift card that gives you access to several of the region’s best hotels and experiences – from fantastic culinary experiences, to romantic weekend holidays, to awe-inspring adventures on the Lysefjord. 

In need of Christmas gifts for your company?
We are happy to produce gift cards that can be handed out to your employees, giving them something to look forward to in the run-up to Christmas or the New Year. The gift cards can be used at all our historic, unique, and charming hotels and restaurants.

Click the link below to read more and place an order via our online store, or contact us and we will help you tailor your gift cards to your company’s needs.