We are constantly taking new measures to reduce environmental impact and have selected specific focus areas that we are actively working towards to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Here are some environmental issues that we are currently focusing on and will continue to prioritize at Kronen Gaard:

Reducing food waste

In the summer of 2017, the authorities and the entire food industry in Norway entered into a historic agreement to halve food waste by 2030. Kronen Gaard has signed the agreement and has implemented several measures to reduce food waste from our restaurant and kitchen. One of the initiatives we implemented in 2022 to reduce food waste was bokashi. It is a composting method that ferments food waste and transforms it into nutrient-rich soil and fertilizer in just a few weeks. Trimmed fruits and vegetables from our kitchen are fermented in bokashi buckets, and then our gardener receives nutrient-rich compost soil to cultivate vegetables from locally produced soil. It’s a perfect closed-loop system.

Material usage

Natural materials such as stone, wood, and brick from Sandnes are recurrent materials, and we owe thanks to several of our local residents for historical furniture treasures that have found new life with us. The Block Watne family has also left its mark on the place. We use slate tiles in the garden that come from Langgata in Sandnes, where Gabriel Wathne, who built the oldest part of Kronen Gaard, had his residence. Gunnar Block Watne, Gabriel’s grandson, has created furniture for his grandfather’s house. Some of the furniture is in the area called the Block Watne Suite. He has also made the King’s Chairs that are located in the Crown Hall.

Locally sourced food

Laura Wathne, the sister of Gabriel Wathne who built what is now Kronen Gaard Hotel, was a culinary influencer of her time and wrote an economical cookbook in 1927 that has been widely used in thousands of Norwegian homes. We still draw inspiration from Laura’s cookbook and the values her generation stood for, such as serving locally sourced, homemade, and sustainable food in line with the seasons. Kronen Gaard Hotel is located in the food county of Rogaland, surrounded by a diverse range of dedicated producers who supply high-quality ingredients and products. Our kitchen creates menus with a focus on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, which supports local producers and reduces environmental impact by minimizing transportation needs.

Local collaborations

In the summer of 2023, our dream of having our own Orangery will come true, and this is just the beginning of our expansion plans. It is important for us to work together with skilled local professionals to preserve and develop Kronen Gaard. This includes architects, carpenters, builders, electricians, sheet metal workers, and plumbers who also take environmental considerations into account.

Environmental certification

Kronen Gaard is an environmentally certified organization, which means that we have undergone an environmental certification process and meet certain requirements for environmentally sustainable operations. This also means that we are committed to working towards reducing environmental impact in areas such as waste management, energy use, working environment, procurement, and transportation. The certification also includes requirements for documentation, reporting, and continuous improvement.

We are committed to contributing as much as we can to a better and more sustainable environment so that we can continue doing what we love for many generations to come.