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Kronen Gaard Hotell


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Travel Information

Kronen Gaard Hotell is located in Vatne, just outside of Sandnes, 5 minutes (4 km) away from the city center. 

Kronen Gaard Hotell is located by Highway 13, so guests have easy access to activities and attractions in the area. By car, you can get to Sola Golf Club and Forus Business Park in 10 minutes, and Stavanger city center in 15 minutes (21.6 km).

The Stavanger-Sola Airport is 15 minutes (14.5 km) from the hotel, and Pulpit Rock, the region’s most famous attraction, is just a 1-hour drive and ferry ride away.



Traveling by train or bus:

From the station in Sandnes city center, take bus number 21 to Kronen Gaard Hotell.

Traveling by car:

Kronen Gaard Hotell is located along Riksvei 13, on the way to Hommersåk. Free parking is available to all our guests.

The History of

Kronen Gaard Hotell

A timber merchant named Gabriel Block Watne, born in 1959, was endowed 4 acres of his parents’ sprawling farm in Vatne, where he built a country house that is now known as Kronen Gaard Hotell.

Gabriel, being an industrious timber merchant, traveled to the USA to study something called pre-cut, i.e. ready-made construction kits delivered from the factory and assembled on site. The yellow main house was the first Block Watne house that was assembled, and there began the great Block Watne adventure.

Gabriel and Beate Watne were renowned for their parties. They had six children and stayed in the country house all summer long. The journey from their house in Langgata in the center of Sandnes to Vatne was about half an hour in those days. Unfortunately, due to the recession, the family sold the property in 1920.

An Austrian named Frans Salerius Faydt bought the property from the Block Watne family. He and a friend arrived in Norway in 1911, after escaping their home country to avoid being drafted in the army. In 1920, Faydt worked as a skilled weaver at Sandnes Uldvarefabrikk. He and his first wife had two children. Following his wife’s death while in labor with their second child, he then married his housekeeper. He died shortly after this, and the housekeeper sold the property, placed the two girls in foster homes and moved back to her home town, Haugesund. One of the girls went on to live with Butcher Nygård in Sandnes, and the other girl went to live with her mother’s family in Ålgård. 

The property was then sold to Gudrun Baade Jensen, who at the time worked at Dale Psychiatric Hospital. She used the farm as a nursing home for older women who were diagnosed with dementia, since she thought that the idyllic surrounding in Vatne were a perfect place for rest and rehabilitation.

Finally, in 1953, Kjell and Sygni Steinsvåg purchased Kronen Gaard, or “Trødne” as it was known at the time. The word “trødne” is derived from the word for “to step” o to walk” in dialect, and the property was given the name because the cows used the area as a refuge from marshy earth when the rain and springs caused flooding.

Kjell and Sygni continued to run the property as a psychiatric institution, but also rented the property to Rogaland Psychiatric Hospital in the 1980s, for use as a psychiatric nursing home.

In 1986, Kjell and Sygni changed the name from Trødne to Kronen Gaard Hotell. They refurbished the buildings and opened it up for socializing and celebrations, yet again, after so many years. Given their religious background, they did not apply for an alcohol license, thus deciding to keep a teetotal profile. This proved difficult at the end of the eighties when the yuppies popped champagne east and west. Therefore, in 1993 their son Helmer Steinsvåg became the new owner of Kronen Gaard Hotell. He applied for an alcohol license, marking the beginning of a new era.

After several extensions, Kronen Gaard Hotell currently has 32 rooms, both historic and modern, fantastic function rooms, and a restaurant renowned for traditional Norwegian Cuisine.

Bits of history about the different rooms at Kronen Gaard:


When the property was a psychiatric nursing home for women, Kronesalen was their work room. Here you would find the women doing their knitting, sewing, and crocheting while socializing.

Room 103 and 104

Rooms 103 and 104 were used for isolation for particularly difficult patients. The patient stayed in one room, while the caregiver stayed in the other. If you look carefully, you can see that there has been a door between the two rooms.

Room 116 (Gaardsuiten)

This suite used to be the chicken coop back when the Watne family owned the property.


This room was originally the stables and pig pen, but when the property was a mental institution, this was the laundry room.


After the Second World War, Bryggerhuset was built to be a bomb shelter for the property in the Vatne area, which you can see by the thickness of its walls. The windows were added at a later stage. The photos found on the wall are of Faydt and his two daughters.

Room 203, Block Watne Suite

The Watne family continued to leave its mark on Kronen Gaard Hotell. Gabriel’s grandson, Gunnar Block Watne, a cabinetmaker, made some of the furniture found in this suite, and he also made the wooden chairs found outside Kronesalen.

Welcome to Kronen Gaard Hotell! We hope you enjoy being surrounded by its fascinating history.

Kronen Gaard’s valued


Helmer Steinsvåg

General Manager

Hanne Simonsen

Hanne Simonsen

Operations Manager 
+47 51 60 83 00 

Ragnhild Hillestad

Ragnhild Hillestad

Head Chef

Britt Føreland Haga

Britt Føreland Haga

Sales and Booking Manager
+47 51 60 83 03

Good to Know

Arrival & Departure

You can check in from 15:00 on the day of arrival. On departure day you must check out latest at 12:00. The room is reserved until 18:00 on the day of arrival. If you arrive later than 18:00, you must guarantee your reservation with a credit card. If the reservation is neither prepaid nor guaranteed for late arrival, the hotel reserves the right to cancel your booking at 18:00.

Cancellations and No-shows
Unless otherwise agreed upon, cancellations must be made by 12:00 noon on the day before arrival. In the event of a no-show or a cancellation that is made past the deadline, the price of the first night’s stay will be charged.

Contact Information

Kronen Gaard Hotell

Lutsiveien 70
4309 Sandnes

Phone: +47 51 60 83 00
Fax: +47 51 60 83 01

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