Kronen Gaard Hotell
Kronen Gaard Hotell

Private events

Kronen Gaard’s picturesque surroundings are ideal for your special event.

Scenic location, lovely ambiance

Here’s how we can help

We at Kronen Gaard Hotell can help you plan your event from start to finish, making it an experience to remember for everyone in attendance.


a prix fixe menu – fine wines and sparkling – venue rental – white linen tablecloths and napkins – table and place settings


At Kronen Gaard Hotell, we have extensive experience in arranging all kinds of weddings. Your wedding day is one of those days you will remember forever. We’d love to help make that happen.

Kronen Gaard Hotell has many different wedding concepts, whether it’s a summer wedding with the ceremony in the garden, or a winter wedding party with mulled cider and bonfires.

We have something for everyone – traditional or unconventional, big or small, formal or relaxed.

Whichever way you choose to go, we will be here to ensure that your wedding day will leave everyone in attendance with magical, unforgettable memories that can be reminisced upon for years and years to come.

Wedding Package

Planning a wedding should be an enjoyable experience. So, sit back and relax because we have put together a wedding package that makes the planning a little easier.

The basic package includes the following:
A 3-course dinner with our De Gamle Stuer Menu
Coffee served with dessert
Coffee served with the wedding cake
Table settings with white tablecloths, white cloth napkins, and white candles
White cloth seat covers
Midnight snacks
Bridal suite with breakfast
Rental of the venue is included

NOK 985, – per person

Wine package

1 glass of a sparkling welcome drink served in the hall or in the garden, 2 glasses for the main course Kr. 297,- 

1 glass of a sparkling welcome drink served in the hall or in the garden, 3 glasses for the main course Kr. 396,- 

Life’s Festive Days

Whether it’s a birthday or graduation, 50th anniversary or confirmation, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to sit back, relax, and trust that we will take care of all the planning? It gives us great satisfaction to be able to organize a day that promises good memories, with great company, all while enjoying delicious warm food and refreshing cold drinks.

We will help you choose everything from table settings, music, and even transport, should that be necessary. For a little extra personal touch to the event, you may of course provide your own flower arrangements and cakes, and we look forward to handling the rest.


A memorial is where friends and family gather over a meal to remember and honor the deceased following the funeral ceremony. Many people think of this gathering as a fitting end to a heavy day.

At Kronen Gaard, we recognize how important it is to have a good system for planning such a gathering. We arrange everything while discreetly cooperating with relatives and friends, so that the bereaved do not have to worry about the practical.

Contact us and we will help you organize a memorial gathering for your family and friends.

Summer Garden Parties

Kronen Gaard Hotell gives you the highlight of the summer with a lively celebration in the countryside. Expect to be served the taste of summer, with food hot off the grill and a cold drink in your glass.

Quiet and beautiful surroundings ensure an awe-inspiring atmosphere for everyone involved. We have a tent in the garden, warm blankets, and plenty of heaters should it be a chilly summer evening.

For more information, please contact us here.

*For parties of 20 people or more.

Christmas Parties

No place evokes the holiday atmosphere quite like Kronen Gaard Hotell.

Driving up the driveway lined with massive, old beech trees adorned with lights, walking up to the hotel through a torch-lit path, and sitting by a fire burning bright in the dark winter night; it’s easy to feel the festive, yet cozy ambiance that comes with the holidays in Norway when you’re at Kronen Gaard Hotell.

The scent of Christmas greets you right when you walk in through the door, as it wafts through from our open kitchen. We serve a variety of delicious, traditional Christmas food that you are sure to enjoy.

We have several venues within the hotel, each varying in size and design. We can arrange for your party to be in our restaurant, De Gamle Stuene, or in one of our other venues – Bryggerhuset, Kongeloftet, De Gamle Kjøkkenet, or Kronesalen – depending on the size of your party.

Only 21.6 kilometers and a 20-minute drive from Stavanger city center, 12 kilometers and an 11-minute drive from Forus, and 4 kilometers and an 8-minute drive from Sandnes city center, Kronen Gaard Hotell’s location is ideal for any company celebrating the holidays.

Kronen Gaard’s Christmas Buffet is served from our open kitchen.

Here you can see our chefs prepare and present our delightfully delicious food.

Welcome Drink / Aperitif

We welcome you to start things off with our warm, delicious, Christmas aperitif with

white wine, apples, cinnamon, and Christmas spices.



Lobster soup with fresh ginger and lemongrass, garnished with vegetables and king prawns


Kronen Gaard’s juniper berry-smoked reindeer plum

with lingonberry cream, pickled beets, herb salad, sherry syrup, and glazed hazelnuts

*The entire party must have the same starter


Main Course

Crispy friend svineribbe (pork ribs) served with Idsøe’s Christmas sausage and meatballs, prunes, apples,

and homemade red cabbage salad

Freshly baked potatoes and red sauce

Smoked pinnekjøtt (lamb ribs) and salted fenabog (lamb shoulder)

served with homemade mashed rutabaga, bacon bits, and boiled potatoes

We recommend beer, aquavit, or an enjoyable red wine to accompany the food.



Homemade caramel pudding with cognac cream

Multekrem (cloudberries and cream) drizzled with cloudberry liqueur and homemade cookie crumbs

Creamy rice pudding with real vanilla and cherry sauce

Assorted fruit tray, Christmas cookies, figs, and dates



Contact Information

Kronen Gaard Hotell

Lutsiveien 70
4309 Sandnes

Phone: +47 51 60 83 00
Fax: +47 51 60 83 01

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