A Wedding Guide by Kronen Gaard Hotell

Good memories last forever, that much we know. One’s wedding day is such an occasion – an experience that is cherished and carried in one’s heart for life. With Kronen Gaard’s idyllic setting, honest kitchen, and genuine staff, couples can safely choose Kronen Gaard Hotell as the setting of the culmination in their love story.

In this wedding guide, we have gathered most of what you need to know – as well as the advice you need to make sure the day turns out no less than perfect. Happy reading!

Weddings are what we do

Wedding planning usually begins with determining a date and a venue. Kronen Gaard Hotell is the ideal place for intimate and serene weddings – with its proud, old buildings that are filled with stories, a garden that is nice to stroll in, sprawling premises, and dedicated and pleasant staff. Weddings are one of the most important things that we do – and we want to help make the day especially memorable for you.

The preparations are underway

First of all, you must contact your church or the local council and fill out all the necessary paperwork. The most pressing matter on the wedding to-do list is to book a venue. It’s typically a good idea to book at least a year in advance. We are happy to help you select anything from the music to the toastmaster.

Send out invitations well in advance

The sooner you know how many guests are coming, the smoother the preparations. It is a good idea to send out the invitations well in advance – preferably 5-6 months before the event is to be held. For guests needing accommodation, rooms should be allocated and booked as early as possible. Imagine how wonderful it would be to gather with your guests for a hotel breakfast the following morning!

At Kronen Gaard Hotell, we have a beautiful bridal suite for the bride and groom – and we make sure that flowers, fruits, and champagne are in place the moment you check in. Two crisp, white bathrobes will also be waiting for you in the suite. 

From the ceremony to the party

It is often difficult to know what time the guests should be invited to the dinner. After the ceremony, it is common for the bride and groom to be with the photographer, and then it usually takes one and a half to two hours before they arrive to the venue. Although guests are typically invited at a given time, it is common for them to go directly from the ceremony to the dinner venue and gather there. At Kronen Gaard Hotell, we keep your guests’ glasses filled until you arrive.

Before the bride and groom arrive

It’s important to make the wait a pleasant experience – serve a welcome drink (preferably with refills) and some hors d’oeuvres. The welcome drink helps to create a favourable setting around the event: having something to hold on to makes it more natural for guests to walk around and greet each other. If it is spring or summer and the weather is nice, we recommend serving the welcome drink outdoors. In winter, we like to serve hot mulled wine by the fire. We recommend that dinner does not start later than 18:00, so that you do not risk falling behind when it comes to coffee and cake. You also never know how long the speeches will be!


We deck the tables with white damask tablecloths, white damask napkins, and white candles atop silver candelabra. The charger plates are specially designed – white with blue and gold details. If you have your own preferences for decorations, flower arrangements, colors, and theme, you are of course welcome to place your personal touch. Fresh flowers on the tables are typically your responsibility, but we are happy to order them for you, if desired. It is ideal that the flowers are delivered on the wedding day, so they are fresh.

Table settings

When you have the seating chart and place cards ready, you may deliver them to the reception, and we will put them in place. When it comes to the table layout, we always want guests to sit close to each other. If you are more than 40 people, we recommend arranging the tables in an E-shape. This is more social; communication between guests becomes easier. Thought-out table arrangements, delicious food, and pleasant surroundings are important, but another crucial thing for a successful party is a good tone among the guests!

Banquet menu and beverages

Kronen Gaard Hotell offers a three-, four-, or five-course banquet menu. For most, the main course is served twice. Cutlery is replaced and new hot plates are laid on the table between the first and second serving. For the banquet menu, we serve drinks according to the guests’ wishes. When it comes to wine, it is common for us to pour one glass of white wine for the starter and two to three glasses of red wine for the main course. Of course, non-alcoholic alternatives are offered. We have a good selection of non-alcoholic wines in addition to sodas and juices. Sodas can be poured or placed at the center of the tables. We discuss and agree in advance, during a planning meeting, on the types of drinks to be served and when. For dessert, we offer dessert wine and brandy or liqueur.

Coffee and cakes

We set up a coffee and cake buffet after the meal. Normally, the couple or their friends and family provide the cakes, while we take care of the coffee. Remember to mark the dishes and boxes with the couple’s names when you deliver the cakes. Some couples choose to invite certain guests only for coffee and cake. Often, the dinner lasts longer than planned, and having guests waiting in the hall is uncomfortable both for the bride and the groom and for the guests in question. It is much better to invest in an enjoyable afterparty! After the meal, it is common for us to open the bar. We agree in advance whether there will be an open bar, whether vouchers will be distributed, or whether the guests will pay for their drinks themselves. The toastmaster will announce this before the bar opens.

The toastmaster is essential

The toastmaster naturally plays an essential role in the wedding – and also before the big day. It is important that the communication between the toastmaster and the head server is good, so that they can coordinate the programme as best as possible. The toastmaster is the contact person between the host and the hotel, and so it is natural that the toastmaster has all the information. The toastmaster is responsible for tying the wedding party all together – and this usually begins by gathering the guests to welcome the bride and groom as they arrive the party.

“I’m not good at speeches, but…”

During solemn occasions, it’s usually enough with a few well-chosen words about the important things in life. A common practice is that the speeches are submitted to the toastmaster in advance, in order to help arrange the programme in the best possible manner for the evening. The speeches are usually given after the main course has been served and the tables are cleared. This way, the guests are nice and satiated, and so they will likely be more responsive and receptive. In addition, it is always good to take a break before serving the dessert. And it is – as mentioned – always difficult to know how long the speeches will be.

Gift table

We will set up the gift table for your wedding. An idea is to task one of the guests, such as a bridesmaid or a groomsman to collect the gifts and cards and set them nicely on the table. A good tip is for them to note what came from whom, too!

Contact us

We tailor to your needs in order to realize your unique wedding day, help you with the planning, and look forward to making your wedding day one to remember for a lifetime. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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