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Kronen Hotels (Kronengruppen AS) and restaurants, lives to give our guests great experiences based on Norwegian culture, nature and history.

We strive to ensure that our guests have a memorable stay, with a good night’s sleep, amazing food, and experiences that will last a lifetime. In addition to our hotels, we are also proud of our thoughtfully-crafted menus that are based on delicious local food.

Whether you choose to stay in Stavanger or Sandnes, you will never be far from the fjords, beach or the city. With the endless horizon on one side, and majestic fjords and rugged mountains on the other, we are a good starting point for a trip to the famous Pulpit Rock and Kjerag.


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Kronengruppen AS

c/o St. Svithun Hotell
Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8
4011 Stavanger

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Chris Andre Pedersen

Konserndirektør / CEO
+47 91 15 09 27